Why Choose Allied Termite & Pest Control?
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You can enjoy your lawn again!


Less expensive that misting systems.


Allied offers the best customer service in the city.

Angie’s List Super Service Award two years running.


Allied’s Mosquito Program

Allied's Mosquito Reduction Program is applied during the months of April through October each year.


The treatments last approximately 21 days, so we apply them every three weeks. On average, we make 10 to 11 visits during the active period. Longer warm seasons may lead to more sprays as needed.


Full programs are guaranteed between services. Call Allied at
901-754-0454 to get more details!


Questions From Allied Customers

Can you get a one-time application?

Yes. We offer one time application, but do not guarantee them. They are very effective, however, and are perfect before big gatherings and events.

Can you eliminate mosquitoes completely?

No. But we can greatly reduce their numbers. You can enjoy being outside again.



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