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The Safari Lawn Spray Program

Rounds One and Two (January through April)

Our first two applications are designed to control existing winter weeds and eliminate weeds during spring weed germination.

WE USE:  Selective Post-emergent herbicides along with a Pre-emergent herbicide.

Rounds Three, Four, and Five (April through September)

These applications are our fertilization rounds focusing on thickness and color of your turf, but includes an additional weed control for existing weeds as well as eliminating weeds during late summer weed germination.

WE USE:  Fertilizer along with pre and post-emergent weed control.

Round Six (September through November)

Our sixth application is designed to control emerging cool season weeds, as well as eliminates winter weed germination.

WE USE:  Selective Post-emergent and Pre-emergent herbicides.

Round Seven (November through December)

Our seventh application adjusts the acidity level in the soil. The natural decomposition of plant materials in your soil and the addition of fertilizers during the growing season make your lawn more acidic. Over time, without correction, this will damage your lawn. We apply lime to correct this negative trend.

WE USE:  Lime.

FAQ’s from New Clients

Our Services

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

Most of the time the answer is yes. If we can’t get a measurement online, it may require a technician to look at it.

How long before my first application can be made?

We should be out within 7 business days of you giving us the o.k. Normally it is sooner

Do I need to be home for service?

No. If we can access the property, we will treat the lawn. When we are done, we will leave a bill on the door and a flag in the yard.

Client Testimonials

“I started with Safari about 9 months ago. My lawn has never looked better. I talked with my technician, Isaac, today and he was very helpful and very nice. I could not be more pleased with Safari.”

Branda S.

“My experience with Safari Lawn Care has been excellent” Mark G.

“I have been using Safari lawn care for a few years now. They aim to please and make sure your grass is looking great and if you are not satisfied they will get it right.”

Naei B.